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Hâncu Monastery is one of the many places worth visiting in Moldova. In general, this monastery is distinguished from the others by a rich history. Besides Căpriana, Vărzărești, Hâncu Monastery is considered one of the oldest on the territory of Moldova.

For example, for long periods it was subjected to Tatar and Turkish invasions, for which reasons it often remained deserted. It underwent many reconstructions and renovations, in order to finally be in the form it has now. These historical facts make this monastery a point of tourist attraction. It’s always interesting to look at an object that has been passed down through the centuries and has even reached us.

In general, in addition to its rich history, it can also be highlighted by its architecture. He has a well-groomed and neat look. Many citizens do not know about all the interesting things that await them at the monastery. The picturesque place, full of natural beauty, the special atmosphere, the priests enthusiastic about its activity. New experiences will make the trip an unforgettable memory.

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In any case, at least once in life it is worth visiting such a place because it allows you to have a different view of churches and religion in general. Even if you don’t like religious places, this will be a great experience for developing your knowledge horizon. Moreover, traveling consistently helps you relax and get away from everyday problems. You will be engulfed by the happenings that await you during the race.

In general, if you have difficulties with transportation and still want to visit this interesting place. The solution would be car rental. Rent a car with your friends and go with them to discover Moldova. Hâncu Monastery is not the only one worth visiting. Besides it, there are a lot of other places that deserve your attention.